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The LYSAGHT NOVALINE® Fascia system has one style clip that can be used in all applicatons. This bracket is attached with 2 (minimum) screws to the base of the truss. The positioning of the bracket can vary depending on the soffit line and the roof. The recess lip on the bottom of the actual fascia carries the soffit between the fascia and the external lining of the building. The top of the fascia does not carry the roof. It generally sits 20mm below the roof underside of the roof line. Spacing of clips for sheet roofs to be 1200mm maximum, and 600mm for tile roofs.

See full Install LYSAGHT NOVALINE® fascia installation instructions for more detail

The recommended minimum fall is 1 in 200. Check out our information on how to Install LYSAGHT® Steel Roofing & Walling for more details.

Lysaght recommends a support to be used on most applications. You may not necessarily need to use gutter supports if it was for a small box gutter when the base is less than 200mm wide. However, by using the support on all applications you do eliminate any ponding of water.

The number of downpipes required depends on the design and layout of the gutters. To calculate the capacity you need to refer to our information on how to Install LYSAGHT® Steel Roofing & Walling, "Chapter 6, Roof Drainage". This will give the formula to calculate the volume of water. Placement of the downpipes should be kept to a maximum of 10 metres apart for residential applications. Larger industrial gutters can space to a maximum of 18 metres.

We recommend spacing the clips approximately 1000mm apart, along the gutter.

Standing and looking toward the house, with the front of the gutter facing you, the left hand side is the left hand stop end and the right hand side is the right hand stop end.

Yes, these are called internal or external 'mitres'.

There are clips for both metal and timber fixing. The clips for metal fixing are called metal fix clips, and have the tail of the clip bent in a 'U' shape. These are made to slide over the back edge of standard metal fascia. A clip to suit a timber tilt board, has a straight tail, allowing it to be nailed onto the rafter/tilt.

Capping is available for both the LYSAGHT SHEERLINE® and LYSAGHT EMLINE® gutters. Used for barge capping, the profile matches the fascia gutter.

Yes, LYSAGHT® Gutters offer various fixing methods. You have the choice of fixing to our LYSAGHT NOVALINE® Fascia System using our secret fixed Spring Clip and Overstrap that require no drilling or screwing, or the General Purpose Bracket which is attached to other fascias with rivets or screws. Both offer secure support.

No. LYSAGHT SHEERLINE® Gutters are usually used on straight runs. If corners are required the plumber will need to fabricate them.